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  • Benefits

    • Prompt, efficient and knowledgeable service.

    • All agents are boaters, so you won't be stuck dealing with landlubbers.

  • Capabilities

    • We can arrange coverage with about twenty insurance companies allowing us to serve the needs of just about every boater.

    • We can arrange coverage for liveaboards and fulltime cruisers.

    • We can arrange coverage for the Caribbean as well as any other cruising itinerary.

    • We can even arrange coverage for Cuba, Colombia and other destinations of political instability.

    • We can arrange coverage for older boats including those of wooden construction.

    • We can arrange coverage for high performance boats.

  • Client Feedback

    A proper yacht will have among her attributes a sensitivity to her helm that allows the helmsman to know how the vessel is performing.  The feedback of wind and wave pressures through the helm helps in attaining the safest and fastest performance.  Similarly, we at International Marine Insurance Services appreciate comments on our service, not only because it makes us feel good about the job we are doing, but because the feedback allows us to do an even better job!  Here are some of which we are especially proud:

    • “Wow, you folks are simply amazing.  I guess I knew that but this has been another reminder.  Thanks!” ~James Hamilton, 2016

    • “Thank you for all the years of looking out for our insurance needs.  I am sure that the day will come where we need marine insurance again and as far as Bill and I are concerned there is no else that we would even consider.” ~Shari Henderson, 2016

    • “They turned a bad situation into a manageable one.  I am confident in the repairs and delighted with the support that has been given me by my insurance company.  (Have to say that this is the first time I have EVER praised an insurance company!!!)  Looking forward to going sailing this weekend!!  Thanks, Al." ~Bill Balme, 2016

    • “We have been with IMIS since 2007 and have only praise for the superior support you provided Stephanie and I, during our one claim. Your work in supporting the cruising community is greatly appreciated. Thanks and keep up the good work.” ~Roy Peterson, 2015

    • “Thanks so much for your help and for having the emergency line.  This is truly outstanding customer service!” ~Phil Burger, 2014

    • “I was a customer of IMIS for a number of years.  Left last year, which was a mistake.  Would like to re-insure through your company.” ~David Ball, 2013

    • “We mostly worked with Al Golden and Rachel, she was so sweet, when we reported the fire, she sent us a picture of her cat to cheer us up! Well, you should be proud, they are a good company, and Ken at Markel was so easy to work with, and Matt, the surveyor, was also great, we really expected a traumatic experience, but everyone did their best to make it easier for us....” ~Ami and Rick Bergstrom, 2011

    • Thanks for helping us get our insurance in place. I wanted to let you know how impressed I am by the staff at IMIS. From the moment we walked through the door, the gal at the desk was warm and helpful. ...Evelyn Webb stepped in and performed a miracle for us. She was able to find us a policy at half the price and better coverage. Tammy in the mean time anticipated our every need, even printing out a map of the Caribbean for us so we could visually see the boundaries of the policy. Please pass our thanks on to your customer service agents. It is nice to know that there is still good old fashioned business practices in place.” ~Karen and Dale Thomas, 2010

    • “Evelyn, Thank you so much--and please thank Al Golden also for us.  It is nice to know that we have agents that are there when we need them.  You can bet that we will be ‘singing your praises’ to our fellow boaters.” ~Judy and Gene Koetitz, 2010

    • “I realized we've never thanked you for the fantastic coverage we received during our trip across the Indian Ocean (and damage covered for the broken hatch).  I know it was a difficult process (with us being so remote without modern marine services, etc., and communication only through email,) however it is nice to know that your coverage and support extends literally to the edge of the world (and beyond)!!”  ~Chris Myles, 2008

    • “Thank you for your very thorough thoughts and recommendations on this. I really appreciate the time you took to get back to me. We have always appreciated your service (and even sent someone your way a couple years back, who were also pleased!) and have never found any insurers as easy to work with as you! You might have heard that before, but it can't hurt for you to know that you make our life easier.”  ~Michelle Elvy, 2006

    • “You are amazing!  Thank you so very much… so good to know that [my vessel] is covered and that the cost is no more than you quoted!  It is such a relief.”  ~Annette Howard, 2006

    • “Just want to say ‘thank you’ for all the help you've been to me over the years. You've always handled everything very professionally, and that's given me a lot of peace of mind.”  ~Scott Steward, 2006

    • “Thanks for your response to my question on the Quadrant policy. It sounds like it is the way to go. It's great to work with a company like yours, outstanding service, quality products, and complete knowledge of the marine insurance industry.”  ~Jeff Welbourne, 2005

    • “… I am extremely pleased in the manner in which the current claim has been handled, and am very pleased that members of both your firm and the [insurance company] have been entirely responsive, courteous, informative, and reasonable in each and every way.” ~Andrew Fuhrman, 2005

    • “… will likely renew again with IMIS. Their service has been very good & they seem to understand cruiser's needs better than any brokers we have dealt with in the past.” ~Will LaFleur, 2005

    • “THANKS!!! for all your help.  After having spent eighteen years as an insurance agent myself,… I really appreciate your professionalism.  …you have been amazingly responsive and efficient.” ~Carla Huegli, 2004

    • From what friends with boats there who are insured by other agencies and companies tell me… Markel and IMIS are doing a superior job handling the aftermath of [Hurricane] Ivan.” ~Rob Linehan, 2004

    • I am writing to express my deep appreciation for all that you guys have done to assist me through the past seven or so years.  You were always right there when I need information or advice.  You certainly went beyond the boundaries of most insurance agencies.  Your experience and depth of knowledge of marine matters was a great aid, even a comfort….  You are a class act.”  ~Butler Cox, 2004

    • First, let me assure you it is a real pleasure dealing with you folks as contrasted with those who would think of themselves as your ‘competition’.  I am so glad [another client] put me in touch with you!”  ~Ric Tauson, 2004

    • Again, thanks for you [sic] prompt and reasonable responses.  It is a pleasure to deal with an insurance company that really seems to understand boats and the cruising community.”  ~Jeff Casher, 2004

    • I just returned home and the check was waiting! Thank you very much. I have a much better appreciation of the value that you can add…”  ~Larry Brodsky, 2003

    • Thank you very much, you and your wonderful team should be very proud.  Your personalized service and professionalism is greatly appreciated!”  ~Alfred Matos, 2003

    • This is wonderful news.  I can’t begin to thank you and your company enough for all the leg work and perseverance you expended on my behalf.  You have truly gone the extra mile for me.  I would like very much to express my appreciation of your efforts to whomever at your company that would receive them.  Thank you again for a job that truly went above and beyond.”  ~Justin Omps, 2003

    • “Words cannot express our gratitude to you for going that extra mile and finding us such a terrific policy, June.  Truly, it is such a relief and we feel as though we are in very good hands.  Thank you very very much for turning this situation around so quickly!”  ~Christian Van Dyke and Christine Shihadeh, 2002

    • “Dear Reese: I want to thank you so very much for pursuing this so aggressively for us, you’re a life saver.  Please also thank Leslie for us, both of you are wonderful people to do business with.”  ~Nancy Harris, 2002

    • “Please pass along our thanks to Al for the great help he gave our friends on SIMPLICITY.  They just ‘glowed’ over the SSB about how hed helped them and what a wonderful brokerage you two have.  He made them ‘feel’ covered as well as covering them, and sometimes the former means as much as the latter. It's always a treat to refer someone to you folks - weve never heard other than praise when weve done so.  So thanks again.” ~Jack Tyler, 2002

    • “It’s great to have an agent we can count on.” ~Julie & Richard Benoit, 2001

    • “Hi Reese, You're a good man to have on our side!  The check is in the mail.”  ~Don Reynolds, 2001

    • “Reese, just wanted to let you know how much Diane and I appreciate all you’ve done to make our experience of joining the boating ‘family’ so tremendous.  We truly thank you for all you’ve done, and for being a pro we can trust!”  ~Eddie Piskura, 2000

    • “Again, thank you for researching the issues.  The service we have received from your firm has always be [sic] excellent, and this is just another example.”  ~Jim McCorison, 1999

    • “I appreciate the patience and professionalism I received as you handled all my questions.  We’re happy to be aboard and look forward to working with you…”  ~Diana Prentice, 1999

    • “…your efficient service will be remembered and I will pass on your contact information to my fellow yacht club members for future reference…”  ~Anthony Van Vugt, 1999

    • “We have had our policy through [IMIS] since 1991.  They have represented us VERY well during this time.  Finding good rates and going well beyond the extra mile in making sure we were well taken care of on two involved claims.”  ~Harold A. Meekins in message to Trawler World List, 1999

    • “Dear Gary, let me first start by thanking you and your company for your quick and courteous service.  Purchasing a used boat of this size can be such a hassle, not having to deal with any of the insurance or survey headaches that usually accompany such a transaction was truly a pleasure.  International Marine will surely be recommended to all my fellow boaters…”  ~Michael P. Bechtel, 1999

    • “Gary: … Thanks again for your help through this process.  …we contracted the services of a… nationally known… broker.  It was a real disappointment and we moved to Al’s shop specifically hoping for some ‘personal attention’.  You’ve provided more than we’d expected.  Tell your [newborn] kid you done good!” ~Jack Tyler, 1999

    • “Dear Al: Thanks for your help with this insurance exercise.…  Although you were not the lowest Lloyd’s of London based quote, your helpfulness, quick response, availability, plus Mark Pomerenke’s recommendation were deciding factors.”  ~Andy Ford, 1999

    • “Sorry about the oversight on loss payee, glad you could fix it….  Again, thanks for the great service.” ~Scott C. Steward, 1998

    • “I am enclosing our check… to cover the insurance premium... for the next twelve months.  Thank you for making it happen so easily.” ~Karen Samples for Russell V. Umphenour, 1998

    • “For almost two weeks I frantically called as many marine insurance agents as were recommended to me.  Every one of them turned me down cold….  Finally one agent stood out among all the others in his expertise and knowledge of marine insurance.  That was Al Golden, President of International Marine Insurance Services (IMIS) out of Chester, Maryland.  He seemed able to perform miracles.  For not only was he able to find a company that would insure our boat, he found four!” ~Phyllis Neuman in Latitude 38 magazine, 1998

    • “We sold the boat… and wish to cancel the insurance….  Thank you very much.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you since 1991.”  ~Kathleen Marty, 1997

    • “Dear Al:    I would like to thank you and your staff for all of your assistance with our insurance needs over the past few years.  When we are ready to re-insure we will be contacting you.”  ~Paul R. Smith, 1996

    • “Thanks for the super service (as per usual for you good guys)…”  ~John M. Christenson, 1993

    • “… by this time I was in possession of the boat and quite anxious….  As a consequence [of not being able to get coverage from another broker], I secured  coverage for the boat with [International Marine Insurance Services] who was able to provide a written binder within an hour of notification.”  ~David L. Glueck in letter to his former broker, 1991

    • “I would like to commend my agent, Mr. Al Golden, of  International Marine Insurance Service[s] for getting the [claim] monies due sent to me.”  ~Walter H. Schenk in letter to BOAT/US, 1991

    • “… called to thank you for the job you did [in arranging insurance on short notice].  It was super-human!”  ~Ghassan J. Tarazi in telephone message, October 1987 (our first month in business)


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