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The Jackline Insurance Program

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The Jackline Insurance Program is designed for cruising yachts sailing throughout the world.  Like the important safety gear for which it is named, having insurance coverage under this program has the effect of Allowing you the freedom to roam while keeping you secure....  The program is underwritten by the U.S. insurer Markel American Insurance Company which is rated A by A.M. Best Co.

The Jackline Insurance Policy is exceptionally comprehensive compared to other policies that are available to worldwide cruisers.  The policy provides ‘all risk’ coverage on a replacement cost basis up to an agreed value.  The policy also includes coverage for such things as mechanical breakdown, ice and freezing damage, pollution liability, reef damage liability, loss of use expense, professional crew liability and so on.

Another unique feature of The Jackline Insurance Program is that in most cases having only two crew aboard is not a problem!

Please send us a quote request so that we can advise you of the availability and cost of a Jackline policy for you or advise you of coverage available through other programs.

Last edited August 15, 2017
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